Selena Gomez Ditches Girlie Image in New Short Film

Selena shoots black and white short film in bed with actor, Shiloh Fernandez

In her attempt to get rid of the Disney girl label, Selena Gomez is working towards creating a new, more mature image of herself. After the photo shoot done earlier this month for Flaunt Magazine, the “Come and Get It” singer is now starring in a not-so-innocent short film, also shot then.

In the black and white short film entitled “Searching,” the 21-year-old actress is frolicking in a motel bed with Henry, a handsome young man played by actor Shiloh Fernandez. Selena, who plays the role of Violet, is pictured with a short black bob haircut while playfully interacting with her companion.

Selena’s fans will probably be amazed that she’s showing a lot more skin than usual, wearing a lace black bra and a pencil skirt while playfully hiding from her companion behind a white vintage curtain.

After the opening scene, which sees Violet staring at the camera, the image moves on her sharing the bed with Henry, in a cozy, romantic scene.

In the next part of the film, the lead female character is going outside to search for someone or something. Violet's mission is unclear, the film picturing her wandering the streets of LA with no hint or attempt at divulging the purpose of her eager search.

The wardrobe and makeup Selena is wearing in the film gives her a mature and kind of mysterious look. In the last scene, we see the young actress lying in bed and holding a picture of herself with long hair.

It could be argued that “Searching” is trying to capture Selena's struggle with change. The actress earlier confessed that people were telling her she was not hot enough and that, for this reason, she was trying to dig into a more darker side for future roles.

The film is the project of Amanda de Cadenet and Victoria Mahoney, and was filmed at Rossylin Hotel in Downtown LA. You can watch it in its entirety below.

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