Sega Limited Edition Notebook Up for Sale in Japan

Customers get to choose between four levels of performance

Sega usually makes games, but it looks like the company is trying to grab some attention by working outside its normal boundaries for once.

Sega has released four notebooks in Japan, called Sega Light, Standard, High-Spec and Premium.

There will be only 50 versions of each mobile PC up for grabs, assuming those interested have between 99,750 yen ($1,070 / €803.91) and 194,250 ($2,100 / €1,565) to spare.

Sega Light has a 2.4 GHz Intel CPU, 4 GB RAM, a DVD writer, 500 GB HDD storage and all the necessary connectors.

Sega Premium has a 2.4 GHz Core i7 CPU with 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 650M graphics, a 120 GB SSD and a Blu-ray drive.

The Standard and High-Spec laptops are in between those two.

All newcomers run Windows 8 and measure 15.6 inches (1920 x 1080 pixels displays).

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