Seeker Enterprise 3.0 Released by Quotium

The solution enables organizations to ensure that their applications are secure

Quotium has announced the availability of version 3.0 of Seeker Enterprise, a run-time code & data analysis application security testing solution that integrates Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) technology.

The enhancements brought to Seeker Enterprise 3.0 enable organizations to mitigate cyber threats in today’s fast-paced development environments. Seeker now also integrates enhanced automation capabilities, security performance metrics, compliance status assessment, and improved cross-organizational security view and reporting.

Executives and managers can rely on the new dashboard to see their company’s overall security posture, and determine where the biggest risks are. In addition, they can also find out everything they need to know about compliance requirements.

The enhanced automation systems can be better integrated in cloud environments, allowing software companies to run security tests in private cloud settings. There’s no need for human interaction in the testing process because Seeker automatically triages results through the exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Because of this, the solution can be easily used directly by the developers or DevOps, without the need of having specialized security staff around.

“In the current cyber threat landscape, organizations cannot afford to look at just one application at a time. They must have a clear view of their overall security status available to them at all times. It is the only way to reduce overall exposure and risk,” noted Ofer Maor, Quotium’s chief technology officer.

Seeker is designed to test software throughout the entire development cycle. By relying on the solution, companies can ensure that all new builds and releases are secure. The best thing about it is that there’s no need for specialized security personnel.

Companies interested in seeing Seeker in action can visit Quotium’s booth (H78) at Inforsecurity Europe between April 29 and May 1.

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