See the Most Popular Videos of All Time with YouTube Charts

YouTube has unveiled an interesting new section if you're the type of person who loves stats and charts. With YouTube Charts, you'll be able to see a list of the most popular videos of the day or of all time.

"What’s the latest in the all-time most viewed video smackdown between Bieber and Gaga? Is David After Dentist pwning Charlie Bit My Finger? Who grabbed more subscribers this month, ShayCarl or Annoying Orange?," Matt Darby, Product Manager at YouTube, wrote.

"These are the big questions on the lips of the YouTube community. To help answer them, we're launching 'YouTube Charts' to give you a clear view of how your favorite videos and creators stack up against each other. You can sort charts by 'today,' 'this week' and 'all time'," he announced.

In the new YouTube Charts section you be able to see how the most popular videos on the site rank. You can choose to sort videos by "Most Viewed," "Most Subscribed" and "Most Liked."

Then you'll be able to see just the popular videos of the day, the week, the month and of all time. That's all there really is to it, but the new feature does provide an interesting perspective.

Of course, YouTube has always provided some ways of checking out the popular videos on the site. On the one hand, a top of the most viewed videos of all time was available. On the other, a 'popular videos' section was also available showing the hot videos of the moment.

In essence, YouTube charts are a revamp of those features and a central place for all the stats you could ever want from the video site. It's not complete by any means, it could do with a few more options like the possibility to break down the charts according to category.

But YouTube is putting more effort into this and is asking for suggestions on the feature, so you can expect so see some changes and updates soon enough.

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