Security Framework Recommendations from Solutionary

Some valuable advice for organizations on how to lay out a plan

For most people, New Year’s resolutions are usually about losing weight, becoming a better person and things like that. For organizations, New Year’s resolutions should be about making sure they have a robust security framework.

Experts from Solutionary make some very important recommendations for companies that want to make sure they’re properly protected against anything that might be thrown at them from cyberspace.

Here’s the list of recommendations that should help organizations in establishing their plan of action:

- Identify your key risks areas for greatest loss potential;

- Assemble a team of stakeholders ;

- Develop the plan with your stakeholders and keep them involved in the process;

- Formalize the plan and obtain financial and executive support;

- Develop and identify key milestones to gauge success;

- Celebrate when your goals have been met;

- Ensure that your plan continues to evolve and does not erode over time.

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