Security Features in Windows 8 Will Be Mostly Enjoyed by Consumers – Infographic

Trend Micro offers some valuable advice for the users of the new operating system

Windows Defender, Smart Screen filter, Secure Boot, Early Launch Antimalware (ELAM), and the fact that Windows Store apps are tested before being offered to customers make the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems highly secure.

Trend Micro experts believe that all these new security features will really offer a higher level of protection to users.

On the other hand, it’s likely that the new security features will mostly be enjoyed by consumers, considering that enterprises are not so efficient when it comes to adopting new operating systems.

Windows 8 might be more secure than other Microsoft operating systems, but that doesn’t mean users should let their guard down.

To come to the aid of Windows 8 customers, Trend Micro has released an infographic that not only details how the new operating system will blend into our digital lives, but also offers some advice on how to keep information secure at all times.

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