Security Experts Warn About Fake “Temple Run 2” for Android

As the release date draws near, malicious versions will likely appear

Security experts from Trend Micro warn users that scammers are offering fake versions of Temple Run 2 for Android on various app markets. 

Temple Run 2 for Android will be launched only later this week, but that doesn’t stop some developers from trying to make a profit by tricking unsuspecting users.

In one example, customers are offered “Temple Run 2 HD.” Those who don’t read the fine print might think that this is the real deal but, in reality, it’s a wallpaper application.

The app itself is not malicious, but it does earn a profit for the developer by displaying ads and setting up new search pages.

On the other hand, experts warn that as the release date draws near, it’s likely that other, more malicious fake apps will appear in the wild.

“It is common for suspicious developers and parties to use the name of popular apps as social engineering bait. As soon as new versions make headlines, expect that these guys are out there concocting their bogus versions. Thus, users must do a little bit of research before downloading any app,” Bob Pan, mobile security engineer at Trend Micro, noted.

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