Security App of the Week: Total Security for WordPress

An easy-to-use plugin that can help owners make sure their sites are secure

This week’s security app is called Total Security, a WordPress plugin that can help webmasters identify vulnerabilities and other issues that affect their websites.

Over the past period, a large number of WordPress sites have been compromised by cybercriminals and used in their malicious operations. Many of the incidents involved compromised passwords, but in some cases the attackers took over the websites because they contained easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities.

The plugin can be used to check websites for vulnerabilities, to fix broken WP auto-updates, remove exploits, restore modified files, and identify problematic files.

It can also be utilized to verify installation parameters, WP options, and to perform numerous Apache and PHP-related tests.

The results of the tests are color-coded to allow users to easily interpret them, and they come with detailed explanations on what must be done to address the highlighted issues.

Total Security comes with two main components: Vulnerability Scan and Core Exploit Scanner. The tests are performed fairly quickly, the average time ranging between 10 seconds and 2-3 minutes.

Total Security for WordPress is available for download here.

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