Security App of the Week: OSE Firewall for WordPress

Secure your website against viruses, spam and vulnerabilities

OSE Firewall is a WordPress security plugin that helps webmasters protect their websites against a wide range of threats, including malicious code, viruses, spam, and vulnerabilities.

Once it’s installed, OSE Firewall checks for denial of service (DOS) attacks, Direct File Inclusion, SQL Injection, Remote File Inclusion, JavaScript Injection and Directory Traversal issues. It’s also capable of scanning for viruses, and malicious user agents.

The plugin, developed by ProWeb, can also be utilized for blocking spam based on IP blacklisting.

Starting with version 2.0 of the security app, some new features have been implemented. These include variables whitelisting functions that help in avoiding false alerts; email alerts; and IP blacklisting, whitelisting and monitoring.

Webmasters can also manage rule sets depending on their websites’ requirements.

Download OSE Firewall

Note. Before installing and utilizing the plugin, create a database backup, since the plugin modifies some of the WordPress database tables.

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