Security App of the Week: Netcraft Anti-Phishing for Chrome and Firefox

It offers protection against phishing, XSS and suspicious URLs

This week’s security app is provided by Netcraft, an organization that offers, among other things, Internet security services such as anti-fraud and anti-phishing. The application I’m recommending this week is called Netcraft Anti-Phishing and it represents a great way for Chrome and Firefox users to protect themselves against malicious sites.

Netcraft Anti-Phishing is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to obtain information on the sites you visit.

By pressing the button associated to the extension (present next to the browser’s address bar), you can instantly learn about the site’s location, popularity, longevity and, most importantly, its risk rating.

The risk rating evaluates the site’s characteristics and compares them to ones usually present on fraud websites.

Users can also contribute to protecting the community against malicious websites by reporting suspicious domains. By pressing the “Report phish” button, users can make sure that other internauts are automatically protected against the malicious site they’ve submitted.

Besides detecting phishing sites, the extension also offers protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) and other suspicious URLs.

Netcraft Anti-Phishing for Chrome is available for download here

Netcraft Anti-Phishing for Firefox is available for download here 

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