Secunia Releases Personal Software Inspector for Android

It extends its vulnerability intelligence and scanning technology to mobiles

After announcing their cloud-based patch management solution for SMBs, Secunia revealed today that they’re porting the Software Inspector product for Android operating system.

The company has already made available Secunia PSI for Android on Google Play. It is free of charge for private users and it works on Android 2.3 and above, but at the moment it is only a technology preview.

Just like its counterpart for Windows PSI for Android scans the mobile device for vulnerable apps and then alerts the user of the updates that should be deployed (if any) from a security standpoint.

Although update alerts are available straight from Google Play, the advantage of Secunia PSI for Android is that it also covers apps outside Google’s repository, which Google’s update mechanism does not include.

Furthermore, “the Secunia PSI for Android will serve as a validation mechanism and as assurance that security updates are performed quickly,” said Morten Stengaard, director, Product Management and Quality Assurance at Secunia.

Since the PSI for Android (free for private users) is at the beginning of the road, the database is not too large at the moment, but the team is tracking the popular apps and gradually increasing the numbers.


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