Secret Service Dog Falls off a Roof, Dies on the Spot

Veterinarians do their best to revive him, their efforts are futile

This past Saturday, a dog working with the US Secret Service passed away while protecting Vice President Joe Biden. The incident occurred in New Orleans and most people refer to this dog's death as a “tragic accident”.

Information made available to the general public thus far says that the dog died as a result of his falling off the roof of a parking garage deck located next to the Ritz-Carlton (i.e. the place where Vice President Joe Biden was delivering a speech as a fundraiser).

Apparently, this Belgian Malinois, together with other dogs and Secret Service agents, was carrying out a security sweep of said building when the accident took place.

Despite the fact that the dog was immediately rushed to a nearby veterinarian, all efforts to revive it failed, Daily Mail reports.

Needless to say, the dog's handler was devastated by his losing his partner in this tragic way.

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