Second-Tier Vendors to See Their Tablet Shipments Cannibalized by Brand Vendor [DigiTimes]

First-tier vendors unleashed a wave of extremely affordable tablets with attractive specs

It appears that avid competition from first-tier brand vendors in the tablet sector is starting to gnaw at the white-box and second-tier bandwagon.

Sources familiar with the matter, talking to DigiTimes expect that white-box vendors will see their share of the tablet marketshare drop in the Q4 of 2013, due to the fierce counter offerings put out by major brands.

Amazon has just released a very attractive and affordable Kindle Fire HDX device, which will surely attract a lot of attention. Amazon’s entry level Kindle Fire HD’s price still revolves around the $139 / €102 margin, which makes it very attractive to anyone looking to buy a slate.

Microsoft and Dell have recently jumped out and revealed a bunch of freshly squeezed Windows 8 slates with convenient prices attached to them. For example, the cheapest new Dell slate is priced at just $149 / €110. And more are coming since Apple is expected to roll out a new iPad mini and Nokia will probably follow with its highly rumored Sirius or Nokia 2520.

Under such an assault, most second-tier vendors will have to axe down their shipment predictions or aggressively price their slates. This is the case of MSI which offer its 7-inch Primo 73 tablet for the price of $160 / €118.

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