Second Red Band “Maniac” Trailer: Get Inside a Killer’s Mind

Thriller doesn’t have a US release date yet, drops in France next month

A new, red band trailer for “Maniac” starring Elijah Wood has been released. It offers a better look at the remake, whilst also inviting moviegoers inside the mind of a very dangerous and deeply disturbed serial killer.

As they say, it ain’t a pretty sight.

Because of the very violent and explicit nature of the video, we can’t embed it here, so you will have to watch it on YouTube – but *please note that it contains images of extreme graphic violence that may offend.

“Maniac” is directed by Franck Khalfoun and tells the story of a serial killer wandering the streets of LA in search of women to kill and scalp, to fulfill his twisted fantasies.

Meeting a woman he falls for will send him over the edge completely.

“Maniac” doesn’t have a US release date yet, but will open in France next month.

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