Sealed Bottle Garden Still Alive and Kicking After 40 Years

The man who planted the garden has never opened the bottle to allow in fresh air and water

About 53 years ago, David Latimer from Cranleigh in Surrey grabbed hold of a bottle and planted a miniature garden inside it. Roughly 13 years later, he decided to seal the bottle and sit around waiting to see what might happen.

Apparently, despite the fact that the plants living inside this bottle have gone decades without any fresh air and/or water, David Latimer's garden is still alive and kicking.

Sources report that spiderworts that now call this bottle their home have only managed to survive because of their ability to recycle air, nutrients and water.

“It is a great example of the way in which a plant is able to recycle and what it can achieve in a totally isolated environment. It is a great example just how pioneering plants can be, how they will persist given the opportunity,” biology expert Chris Beardshaw commented with respect to this experiment.

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