Seagate Partners with Virident Systems for PCI Express SSDs

Since its expertise is in HDDs, the company got help for flash storage

To stay as one of the top two suppliers of storage units, Seagate has to become well known on the solid-state drive market, which means it needs to sell as many SSDs or as many kinds as possible. To achieve this, it has enlisted the help of Virident.

Virident Systems is “a provider of flash-based storage-class memory (SCM) solutions” and will be helping Seagate from now on, as the latter has made a strategic equity investment in it.

The companies will exploit both their hardware and software acumen in their quest to make next-generation SCM products.

The resulting PCI Express solid-state drives will be sent to OEM and distribution partners post-haste.

In the meantime, Virident can enjoy an expanded customer base, owed to Seagate's world-class channels.

Statements by Seagate and Virident can be found in the press release.

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