Scythe's Susanoo Monster CPU Cooler Becomes Available in Europe

Scythe has finally announced the European availability of its high-end Susanoo CPU cooler which packs a special design, meant to cool not only the processors but other hardware components as well, including the motherboard, memory modules and graphics card.

The Susanoo is one of the largest CPU coolers that have been released until now as it measures no less than 210x160x210mm, while also tipping the scale at a staggering 1.5Kg (1565g to be exact).

At the heart of this massive cooler stands a nickel plated copper base plate that is connected to 12 heapipes.

These draw the heat away from the CPU and into two separate aluminum heatsinks which house four 100mm diameter fans.

This special fan setup is called WAMS (Wide Area Multi Fan system) by Scythe and the company claims that it actively cools all the component surrounding the CPU socket, like the MOSFETs, north bridge, memory modules and graphics cards.

With all four fans running flat out, the Susanoo is able to push 200 cubic feet of air per minute, while the fan noise won't go above the 37.69dBA mark.

For users who want a system as quiet as possible, Scythe has included a fan controller that can be installed in an empty rear PCI bracket and can vary the speed of the four fans between 500RPMs (50.05 CFM) and 2000RPMs.

Thanks to Scythe's proprietary FMSB 3 (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 3) mounting system, the Susanoo is compatible with a wide range of processors, including Intel's socket LGA 1366 and LGA 1155 chips as well as AMD's AM3 CPUs.

Outside of the cooler, the bundle also features a back plate, all the necessary mounting screws, clamps and fan clips, rubber washers and a high-performance thermal grease.

The Susanoo CPU Cooler is now available across Europe for 89.90 EUR, including a 19% tax.


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