Scythe Shutdown Message False, Company Only Restructuring

Only Scythe US is having problems, not the other divisions

In a quick display of the law of drama, Scythe left quite a few people baffled earlier today, when it posted a certain message that implied it was backing out of the PC cooling market.

We picked up on in and reported the matter here, and indeed the message posted on the US website rather clearly said Scythe was shutting down because of a decision made by its parent company.

Needless to say, word spread fast, until everyone who bothers checking up on tech news learned about it.

Now, though, it turns out everything was only a misunderstanding. Scythe EU released a statement saying that the US office is only undergoing restructuring.

Apparently, Scythe is changing distributors and, until one is found, Scythe Taiwan will run things.

Thus, customers from the United States can rest easy knowing that Scythe is not ending operations in the region. For Scythe EU, Japan, China and Taiwan, it's business as usual.

All things considered, this turn of events makes more sense than the assumption that Scythe would so abruptly crash and burn.

Unlike other companies, which we mentioned when we first reported on this issue, there was no prior warning that anything along the lines of a collapse would happen.

There was no hint of layoffs, not financial reports citing troubling losses, no complaints about the quality of the company's coolers.

Indeed, Scythe actually made a name for itself by constructing good products that didn't drain people's wallets as models from other providers did.

It is fortunate for prospective US customers that they won't even feel the transition from a supplier to the next, or so Scythe says. If true, it begs the question of why the company bothered putting up the notice in the first place.

“Due to a message on Scythe US webpage, news are spreading that Scythe will close its' production. This is not true. Scythe is restructuring its' company - leading to a temporarily close-down of US office,” Scythe EU states.

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