Scythe Moonbox, a Mid-Tower Case for Silent PCs

This is in a league higher than the Xigmatek Talon, but not by much

  Scythe Moonbox case
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Whereas the Stealth Series Talon from Xigmatek is a mid-range case with just a side-window and rubber coating on the top and front, the Scythe Moonbox is a bit more specialized, in that it is intended to make PCs more silent than usual.

While it does have the normal 5.25-inch bays (three) and 3.5/2.5-inch bays (four of each), there are some unusual features, like two long graphics card stabilizers (counter PCB bending) and noise-absorption sheets on most inner surfaces.

The 0.5 mm-thick steel sheets and ABS plastic also help keep noise inside the chassis.

Thus, even with three 120mm fans (two on the front, one at the back), the case is silent, and should be able to prevent the escape of even the noise from CPU and video card coolers.

Scythe will sell the Moonbox case from December 5 onwards, for $100 / 100 Euro.

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