Screenwriter Says ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Will Be Hotter

Melissa Rosenberg says final two installments will not be R-rated

Melissa Rosenberg, the official “Twilight” screenwriter, who has turned the first three books of Stephenie Meyer into blockbusters, is now working on the script for the big screen adaptation of the fourth and last novel in the series. As fans must know, “Breaking Dawn” will be made into two films, much in the manner of “Harry Potter” – and Rosenberg is already dishing out some details, as E! Online can confirm.

One thing that fans have been fervently debating since it was announced that the fourth book would be split into two is whether the film will be R-rated. Those who’ve read the original novels know that, unlike the first three installments, “Breaking Dawn” includes several love scenes which could, if portrayed in the film, lead to an R rating from the MPAA. This, in turn, would mean that many Twi-hards would not even be allowed in the theater to see it because of the age limit, which, of course, would put Summit Entertainment, the movie studio, in quite a predicament.

As it turns out, the film will remain PG-13, just like “Eclipse,” which is now running in theaters all over the world (see a full review of it here). However, that’s not to say that it will not do justice to the events presented in the book, Rosenberg assures fans. On the contrary actually, it will be “way” hotter than “Eclipse” because the scribe is convinced that a lot can be done even with a PG-13 rating, no matter what skeptics may believe or even say. “I think we can get awfully [hot] with a PG-13. I’m not worried about the rating. I know a lot of fans are like, ‘We have to go R to do it justice,’ but I don’t think so. I think it’s going to be pretty hot. Way hot!” Rosenberg says.

As for the possibility of sticking with the “Twilight” franchise past the five initial movies – word on the street has it that Summit may also be considering turning the “Life of Bree Tanner” novella into a spinoff – Rosenberg simply doesn’t see it happening. Even if Summit does make another movie and in case Meyer reconsiders and writes another “Twilight” novel featuring the same characters, the screenwriter will still believe the time has come to move on to other projects.

“It’s really up to Stephenie [Meyer]. If she wants to tell more stories I, as a reader, am hungry for them. I am probably done adapting. It’s probably time for me to do something else, but never say never. Adapting Stephenie Meyer is a hell of a life. It’s been wonderful,” Rosenberg says.

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