Scottish Power Twitter Account Hacked, Used to Send Malicious DMs

The company addressed the issue and apologized for the incident

On Friday, the customer service Twitter account of Scottish Power, the Glasgow-based energy company, was taken over by cybercriminals and used to send malicious direct messages to other Twitter users.

Among the first to receive the suspicious DMs was George MacGregor who immediately notified the company of the breach.

Shortly after, Scottish Power representatives confirmed the compromise.

“Hi to all of our followers it looks like our feed has been hacked, we're really sorry & we're working on resolution now,” they wrote on Twitter.

“Seems like a lot of hacked accounts last night. Apologies once again, passwords etc have all been reset and Twitter have been notified,” they later added.

Twitter accounts are often compromised and used to send out malicious tweets. However, the situation is even more serious when the accounts of companies or celebrities are taken over because the large number of followers they have can ensure the success of a malicious operation.

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