Scott Forstall “Got what He Deserved” Says Ex Apple Staffer

Tony Fadell also had occasional run-ins with Forstall, reports say

The BBC got hold of Tony Fadell, Nest CEO, and tried to make the most of their interview with the “godfather of the iPod” by asking him a thing or two about Scott Forstall. Fadell was visibly irritated by the questions regarding Fostall’s ousting, and insisted that Apple’s former iOS chief simply “got what he deserved.”

Fadell left Apple a few years back to start his own company, Nest, which sells a “learning” thermostat that takes cues from Apple’s culture regarding design, connectivity, and functionality.

The British television network recalled an article that reported about clashes between Fadell and Forstall during their tenures at Appe.

“It talked about clashes and tensions and him raiding your team and problems. I just wonder if you can tell me what really happened then,” said the interviewer.

Fadell replied tersely, “I think we know what really happened. Scott got what he deserved and we move on.”

“Were there really personal problems or was it deeper than that?” the BBC pressed on.

Fadell dodged the question again, insisting that “I think what happened just a few weeks back was deserved and justified and it happened.”

By the third question regarding his relationship with Apple’s former iOS chief, Fadell was visibly irritated. “Again, I think what he deserved he got,” he said, almost as if he wanted to drop the subject at all costs.

Editor’s note:

Many will undoubtedly regard Fadell’s comments as clear evidence that Forstall was a bad seed. While reports try to peg Forstall as just that, we must also take into account the fact that Fadell continues to support Apple, even though he’s no longer on the company’s payroll.

While he may have had his differences with Forstall, Fadell is probably just making sure not to tarnish the image of his former employers.

“I think Apple's in a great place. Actually, if you read some of the reports, people in Cupertino were cheering when [Forstall’s ousting] happened,” he concluded.

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