Scorpion Trailer Released for New Mortal Kombat

Publisher Warner Bros. and the developers at Netherrealm Studios have put out a new trailer for their upcoming fighting game Mortal Kombat, which is set to arrive at some point during 2011 and will see the series return to its two dimensional roots.

The trailer is focused on Scorpion, one of the best known characters of the series and one of the player's favorites, best known for his “Get over here” move and for his quick punch combos.

The trailer gives us the backstory of the character, talking about his ancient rivalry with Sub Zero and about how he was risen from the dead by Quan Chi in order to serve in his plans to use the Mortal Kombat tournament in order to invade Earth and enslave it.

The trailer does not actually show any gameplay from the next Mortal Kombat game, the ninth in the series, but two or three sequences show fighting that is pretty similar to the tradition of the series, including the spear that Scorpion can launch and a Fatality, although we don't actually see the character splitting Sub Zero in two.

Mortal Kombat has been widely praised at the E3 2010 trade show and the team at Netherrealm Studios and series creator Ed Boon have been talking about how they plan to create a game which is both accessible for new comers and deep enough to offer seasoned veterans a clear challenge.

The game will use full three dimensional technology but all the fighting will take place on a 2D plane.

The game will be set in the time frame of the first three titles in the series but will involve Raiden traveling back in time to determine the course of some events, meaning that players will see familiar face and places but will see twists and turns in the narrative.

You can download the High Definition version of the trailer from Softpedia.

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