Scorned Ex-Lover Kills Five in Front of Girlfriend, Shoots Her

The 30-year-old published a hate manifesto online, before going on a shooting rampage

30-year-old Dmitry Vinogradov went on a shooting spree in the Rigla pharmaceutical warehouse where he worked, in Moscow. Dmitry fatally shot five co-workers in the head on Wednesday, November 7, in front of the woman who dated, then dumped him.

Two more witnesses suffered severe wounds, with one passing away in the hospital. RT reports that the scorned lover targeted those he believed responsible for his breakup from colleague Anna, killing them in front of the woman he loved, before pointing the gun at her.

“I was going out with one girl for a long time, but in January of this year we broke up. [...] I tried to restore relations, but failed,” Vinogradov explained to police officers arriving on the scene.

Before going on a rampage, he published a hate manifesto online, expressing his discontent with his life. It followed a period of binge drinking, brought on by the breakup. The licensed lawyer had ingested large amounts of alcohol in the five days before the shooting, witnesses said.

“I hate the human society, and I hate to be a part of it, I hate the futility of human life, I hate this very life, I see only one way to justify it: to destroy as many particles of human compost as possible. […] You are the genetic garbage that is here on Earth because of an error in the evolution. You are trash that needs to be destroyed,” the document reads.

He planned to execute those he believed destroyed his life, and then commit suicide.

“I went to the office where Anna worked, said, ‘Hello, colleagues,’ and began shooting right in front of her eyes. [...] I wanted them to see that I'm cool, and then I wanted to kill myself,” he boasted.

The shooter reported for work as usual, at 8:19 am, wearing camouflage and carrying two rifles, which he managed to sneak by security guards. He confessed to having planned the incident months ahead.

“In March, I bought a rifle along with 200 rounds of ammunition and camouflage,” he said.

CCTV footage shows him ending the victims' lives in a mere 18 seconds. Four were killed in Anna's office in the financial department, with one of them, Denis Moiseev, there to apply for a position with the company that morning. A woman tried to escape and was shot on her way out, but survived the attack.

According to the Sun, the killer's love interest, identified as 24-year-old Anna Kaznikova, suffered gunshots to her chest and face. She also survived, but is in critical condition.

Before the mass murderer could end his own life, he ran out of ammunition and was immediately seized by witnesses, who later turned him over to the guards and the police.

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