Scientology Wants Tom Cruise to Marry Elisabeth Moss

She’d be perfect for him because she too is a member of the Church, says report

Last November, insiders were saying that Tom Cruise was still very much in love with his ex-wife Katie Holmes and that he was willing to do whatever it took to get back with her, for the sake of their daughter Suri. A new report suggests he might be looking for marital bliss elsewhere now.

According to the latest print issue of The National Enquirer (story via CB), Tom has set his eyes on Elisabeth Moss, the 31-year-old who attained international fame with the hit series “Mad Men.” She might be younger than Tom, who is 51, but they do have a lot in common because she too is a member of the Church of Scientology.

Because of this, nothing would please Church leaders than to have him dating and eventually marrying her, the report says, citing sources close to the actor.

Tom has already been married three times and, at least in the last two divorces, from Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, his religious beliefs and involvement with Scientology are said to have played a very important part.

If he were to marry Moss, this would obviously not be a problem anymore – unless, of course, she woke up one day and decided she wanted out.

“Friends think it would be great for both of them – and Scientology. [Church leaders would] be delighted to have their leading member become involved with another celebrity Scientologist,” an insider says for the tab.

There is more to Moss than her religious beliefs that recommends her as the future Mrs. Cruise, the report goes on to say, from her personality to the fact that she’d be Tom’s match in showbiz. With a guy as famous as Cruise, there is simply no leaving certain things to chance.

“Lizzie is beautiful, smart, and a little quirky. She can hold her own in the spotlight, and marrying Tom would be good for both their careers. She has no children of her own and would be an ideal candidate to have one with Tom,” an insider says.

And, when the day comes and they do have one or more children, Tom would not have to dread having to face the same problem he had with Katie and Suri, when she decided to leave because she didn’t want her daughter raised a Scientologist, with everything that entails.

“Lizzie is on the verge of breaking out in Hollywood. She would be a perfect complement to a superstar like Tom,” the insider continues, adding that, on the other hand, “Tom misses the companionship of a woman.”

As you probably noticed, the report says nothing of whether Moss is even in the least interested in marrying Tom.

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