Scientists Say They’ve Built a Crash-Proof Computer

The new “systemic” computer is fundamentally different from other computers

PCs usually don't crash, because hardware and software makers do their best to eliminate all instances where something of the sort might happen. Memory leaks and errors can still cause the total crashes and blue screens of death though.

Scientists from the University College London believe they have made a computer that will never crash.

Called a “systemic” computer, it joins data up with instructions about what should be done with it, then divides the results into separate systems.

In other words, it does not use list-type instructions, where operations are dragged from memory then worked on, then stored back in the memory.

Indeed, the new computer actually multitasks. Instead of just giving the impression it does.

New Scientist has the story about the computer that can repair data on the fly. Sadly, it will take years for PCs to start behaving like this, assuming they ever do.

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