Schools May Warm Up to Tablets Due to Dell

The Latitude 10 Essentials may prove the missing link here

It was yesterday, January 10, 2013, that we brought you the Dell Latitude 10 Essentials Windows 8 tablet, and today we have some new information about it, or rather the kind of effect it might have.

While countries like India, South Korea and others from EMEA have embraced the idea of integrating tablets into their education system, the same cannot be said about the US.

One reason is the performance standard that US citizens are used to, and which is too expensive to meet.

Another is the simple fact that schools in the US already have technological aides, though mostly not mobile.

Dell's Latitude 10 Essentials, might be considered affordable enough to change the landscape a bit though, according to Dell itself and others.

We'll have to wait before we see if these hopes come to fruition though.

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