School Fights Posted on YouTube

The students were already disciplined

A YouTube video showing several students assaulting another one caused some trouble at the Agnes Hodge elementary school after numerous parents viewed it. It seems that all the students involved in the fight were already disciplined but it's not quite clear what was the video showing, because it was removed by the company's employees. According to Brantford Expositor, the video was recorded with a mobile phone and showed a boy being kicked and punched while other students were cheering in the background. Obviously, the parents were already informed about the fight, all the students being disciplined for the fight.

"Dave Pyper, a superintendent with the Grand Erie District School Board, said many children carry cellphones because their parents consider them a "safety feature." He said that safety feature is now becoming a "safety hazard" as young people use the phone's camera feature to create videos. "Parents may not be aware of the extent of the abuse," said Pyper. "Kids can get into a lot of trouble pretty quickly on the Internet. It's an area of concern for a lot of people," Brantford Expositor reported.

This is not the first time when the videos posted on the online video sharing service cause trouble for the main actors. Although a common search for school fights on YouTube returned a considerable number of clips, most of them were already removed by the parent company Google after they were promoted to famous cases. A lot of clips attracted school suspensions and even tougher punishments for the students after the videos were showing them assaulting other boys and even girls.

In the past, some clips were even sent to the police, the officers investigating the cases after the victims reported the assaults. However, most of the cases were ended with schools suspensions and expulsions of the students involved in the fights.

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