Schenker Intros XIRIOS W710 Mobile Workstation with Nvidia Quadro 5010M GPU

Schenker, a German computer manufacturer that specializes in developing notebook solutions, has just announced the introduction of the XIRIOS W710 mobile workstation, which is the company's most powerful laptop to be released until now.

Judging by the specs of the machine, and the pictures provided, the XIRIOS W710 seems to be built around Clevo's X7200 barebone that is based on the Intel X58 chipset and supports Nehalem desktop processors.

As a result, the CPU list includes exotic options such as the Intel Core i7-990X Extreme or the Xeon X5690, the slowest processor to be made available being the Core i7-960.

The first two CPUs are based on the Westmere-EP architecture and pack six computing cores with Hyper-Threading support, 12MB of level 3 cache memory and have a TDP of 130W.

The integrated memory controller found inside the Intel chips can access up to three memory channels which can be packed with as much as 24GB of RAM.

Together with these powerful processors and the 24GB of memory, Schenker also allows its customers to choose from a wide selection of discrete graphics cards, which includes solutions built by both AMD and Nvidia.

Furthermore, the workstation can even accommodate two graphics cards, linked together through SLI or CrossFireX, and users can also select from the GPU list between two Nvidia Quadro professional solutions (FX 2800 and 5010M).

As far as storage is concerned, the machine packs no less than three physical drive bays, that can be populated with HDD, SSD of hybrid storage solutions, and supports the RAID 0/1/5/10 operation modes.

Just as its name implies, the screen used for the XIRIOS W710 measures 17.3-inch in diagonal, supports a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and can be ordered with a glossy or with a matte finish.

The XIRIOS W710 notebook is available right now from Schenker's website, with prices ranging from €3,568 to €10,271. (via HardwareLuxx)

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