Scheduled Email and PDF Export Finally Available in the New Google Analytics

The two features were highly requested, but missing until now

Some months ago, when the new Google Analytics was still fresh, Google revealed that two features that a lot of people were asking for were coming back, scheduled emails and PDF exports. That was back in November, but Google is only now ready to unveil the new features and only in beta form.

"We are excited to announce that Analytics reports can now be automatically sent to yourself or other members of your team from within the new Google Analytics," Google announced.

"These reports can be set up to email at a variety of regularly scheduled times, including daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly," it said.

Large websites have people that are always up-to-date on the latest stats. Likewise for smaller sites that live entirely on the web and are not just an avenue for a large business.

But having reports come in at a specific time and date can prove quite useful too and can leave people time to focus on other things. It's also useful to send a copy of the latest stats to the people that don't regularly check them.

"Reports can also be exported to PDF allowing you to save or share the insights you’ve found using Google Analytics," Google explained.

The functionality is available for standard reports, custom reports and in the dashboards, making it easier to access the email report feature from a variety of places. Regularly, you'll see the Email feature in the Utility Bar on all reports. Next to it you'll see the "Export" drop-down menu which now offers the PDF option.

The features were available in the old Analytics interface, but not the new one. People that relied on them were forced to stay with the older version. However, Google has been upgrading everyone to the new interface leaving users without the features they needed.

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