Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn Come Out as a Couple at Witherspoon’s Wedding

Over the weekend, Reese Witherspoon married her agent fiancé Jim Toth in a very private and, of course, exclusive ceremony that included only about 120 guests. Among them were also Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn, who thus made their first officially public appearance as a couple.

PopEater claims to have it on very good authority that the two, though usually very private about their love life, are so smitten with each other they decided to make this bold statement of their commitment.

In doing so, they nearly stole Reese’s thunder since no one actually expected Scarlett, who is a client of Jim’s, to bring Sean Penn as a date.

“Scarlett is Jim’s client but no one, including the bride, knew she would have turned up with Sean Penn,” a friend of the actress says for the aforementioned e-zine.

“Turning up at a wedding with your boyfriend is definitely a huge statement, especially that wedding. What it’s doing is announcing to the whole of Hollywood that they are serious,” the same tipster says.

In other words, by attending Reese’s wedding as a couple, Sean and Scarlett are confirming the romance to all their Hollywood friends.

And it comes just in the nick of time, says the same report, since the two are about to head to Haiti on a charity mission soon, which means they’ll probably be posing as a couple for the cameras as well.

Scarlett is usually the one who holds back from statements of this type, but, this time, she’s so in love she’d probably want to shout it from rooftops, says the same spy.

“Scarlett is head over heels in love with Sean. She normally tries to hide away from public attention, but when she’s with Sean she doesn’t care,” the insider explains.

Scarlett and Sean were first linked in the tabloid media after attending a premiere party for “Black Swan” in Los Angeles. Since then, both actors have kept mum on the topic, but there are some photos that seem to confirm they’re an item.

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