Scarlett Johansson Probably Engaged to Journalist Romain Dauriac

Actress is photographed with new diamond ring, the tabloids are having a field day

Scarlett Johansson is either engaged or she just got herself a brand new piece of jewelry. The gorgeous actress was spotted out and about in NYC the other day, wearing what looked suspiciously like an engagement ring.

The Daily Mail has the photos.

According to the tab, she and her boyfriend, French journalist Romain Dauriac, were running errands in New York’s East Village when the pics were snapped.

“She was sporting something glamorous… a giant pear-cut diamond ring,” the Mail writes after criticizing the actress for not looking as glamorous as she does on the red carpet. Talk about realistic expectations.

Scarlett and Romain started dating about 3 or 4 months ago so, if they’re engaged already, as the saying goes, it must be love.

“Johansson scraped her blonde hair back into a tight ponytail and slipped into black jeans, a black puffa jacket and some heavy-duty black and brown boots which almost detracted from the flashy rock (worn on her engagement finger),” the Mail says.

A publicist for Scarlett has already denied the engagement story to E! News but, as it so happens, not many are buying it, mostly because publicists are expected to deny such rumors if they emerge before celebrities are ready to talk about them.

The Mail also says that Scarlett went public with Romain in November last year, almost immediately after she broke it off with Nate Naylor.

Before that, Scarlett was married to Ryan Reynolds, who recently married Blake Lively of “Gossip Girl,” whom he met for the first time on the set of “Green Lantern,” on which they worked together.

Scarlett is notoriously protective of her personal life so, chances are, even if she’s engaged, she won’t say so to confirm it, much less come out and do a magazine interview to talk about her wedding plans and how happy she is.

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