Scariest Elevator Prank Ever Goes Viral – Video

A girl, dressed like she walked off the set of the Exorcist, pranks victims

Brazilian Candid Camera show Programa Silvio Santos put on this prank that they titled Ghost in the Elevator.

It's exactly that – as unsuspecting riders get on the lift, a “ghost” appears. In fact, a girl with messy hair, holding a doll, jumps out of a box and creates the illusion of a ghost.

The girl wears a nightgown reminiscent of The Exorcist, and the baby doll she is holding seems equally creepy. She makes her appearance after the lights flicker and are turned off for a split second.

The Inquisitr also notes that the music playing in the background, most likely edited after the show, makes the clip even more disruptive.

Do not watch this video if you have heart issues, as it is quite horrifying. One woman looks like she might be having a heart attack, and she actually screams.

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