"Scarface: The World Is Yours" Sees Pitbull Appearance

Miami rapper Pitbull acts out one of the henchmen

Scarface was Brian De Palma's 1983 hit, a movie to see controversial responses, dealing with drugs and gang wars. We witness the rise and fall of Tony Montana, the Cuban immigrant gangster played by Al Pacino, starting from poverty and ending up in a huge estate, running a drug cartel. Constantly facing open adversity, the game's protagonist was embraced by the hip-hop community for his perseverance, overcoming the odds granted by poverty in the grey urban outskirts of Miami. VU Games announced that it's holding a talent search for unsigned musical artists, to feature in its forthcoming game adaptation of Scarface.

Up until March 28, entries were accepted and sorted out by popular vote and thus the Scarface soundtrack came into being. The latest addition counts Miami-born rapper Pitbull to the Scarface musical score and voice talent database, featuring as one of Tony Montana's henchmen. Riding along with the gangster on missions to reclaim his drug cartel, Pitbull will help gain back the crime empire and wreck havoc on Scarface's enemies.

Pitbull is the perfect man for the job, given his Cuban heritage and inside view on the Cuban and Miami street culture. His participation to the game will furthermore increase the grip Scarface has had on rap musicians and gangster lore, in a way Brian De Palma never thought possible. Apparently, one of his immediate family starred in Scarface, thus he grew up in an environment where the movie was well known and revered, in addition to the later street culture influence. Scarface: The World Is Yours is rated M and will be available on PlayStation2, Xbox 360 and PC starting October 13th.

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