Scammers Try to Make a Profit by Promising Mega “Hack”

Users are tricked into viewing a number of ads that generate a profit for the crooks

Only a couple of days have passed since the new Mega service was officially launched and scammers are already trying to make a profit by leveraging the website’s notoriety.

GFI Labs experts have identified a YouTube video which promises a “hack” that allows users to “search and download files from for free.”

To benefit from this “hack,” potential victims are urged to click on an shortened link.

Those who click on the link are taken through a maze of websites on which they’re promised a way to “search and download files from the new MEGA website.”

The catch is that each time users click on a link, they’re presented with all sorts of advertisements which generate a revenue for the scammers every time they’re viewed.

“Anybody caught up in this digital hall of mirrors will likely spend a long time looking at loading screens and buttons asking them to ‘Skip Ad’ a lot. What they absolutely will not achieve is any sort of joy whatsoever where searching for uploaded files is concerned,” GFI’s Chris Boyd explained.

That being said, be sure to avoid any websites that promise Mega hacks.

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