Scammers Start Flooding Vine with Spam

Experts warn internauts of offers of "free Vine followers"

As the popularity of Vine – Twitter's new mobile video sharing app – grows, scammers are turning their attention to it more and more. 

The first news about Vine spam emerged in May, when The BlockTV reported that several spam accounts started offering “free Vine followers.” Last week, The Daily Dot also warned users about shady sites advertised via Vine spam.

Today, ThreatTrack Security experts have issued an advisory about several websites designed to phish out information and lure users to survey scams.

Some of them have already been visited by thousands and even tens of thousands of users.

Even more worrying is the fact that some of these websites redirect visitors to domains that have been catalogued as being malicious. So far, none of the domains appear to be distributing malware, but that doesn’t mean they might not do so in the future.

These shady websites are hosted on domains such as: vinejump(dot)com, vine250(dot)com, vineluv(dot)com, vinefollows(dot)com and gramaddict(dot)com. Of course, users should beware of any sites that promise free followers, prizes or other benefits that seem too good to be true.

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