Scammers Leverage Super Bowl to Harvest Personal Information

The big game is over, but cybercriminals might still try to profit from it

Over the past days, as everyone was preparing to watch the 2013 Super Bowl, scammers launched a few malicious campaigns that leveraged the sporting event. 

For instance, Sophos experts have identified a Twitter profile which automatically tweeted to users who wrote something about the Super Bowl.

Potential victims were instructed to click on the link from the profile’s description to win exclusive passes.

Those who fell for it and clicked on the link were told to complete a “simple test” in order to verify that they were human. As part of the test, users were asked to hand over their personal details.

The big game is over (the Baltimore Ravens have won), but scammers might still try to profit from it, so I advise internauts to beware of shady websites and social media posts.

Also, if you’re among those who fell victim to the scams that were doing the rounds before the game, be sure to take appropriate action, depending on the information you handed over to the crooks.

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