Scam and Identity Theft Protection Advisory for 2013 – Video

Scambook provides 5 tips on how to stay safe in the new year

2013 is here and the cyber security predictions made by experts for this year don’t look good at all. That’s why experts from Scambook have released an advisory to teach users what to do to ensure that they're protected against scams and identity theft.

Scambook TV’s Kevan provides five simple tips on what to do this year to protect yourself. The advice is not really new, but since scams lurk behind every click and every link, another advisory doesn’t hurt.

So, according to the experts, the first thing you must do is make sure that all your software, especially your antivirus, is updated to the latest version.

Then, be sure to regularly change your password. Always pick strong passwords and use different ones for each of your accounts.

Also, be sure to check your bills online every day. In case you fall victim to fraud, the sooner you notice the missing funds, the sooner you can dispute the charges and get your money back.

Organize all your important legal documents – such as your passport, home deeds, car titles and birth certificates – and lock them up in a secure safe or a safety deposit box at your bank.

The last tip is highly useful for users who often shop online or participate in surveys. Create a second email address that you utilize only for such activities.

By separating the email address you use for important activities – such as keeping in touch with your friends, or performing online banking operations – and the one you use for taking surveys or registering products you can keep your main account spam free.

Also, users are advised to create a Google Voice phone number that they can hand out on websites that are not 100% trustworthy.

Here is the video released by Scambook:

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