Scam Alert: US Customs and Border Protection Service Department Package Delivery

Scammers leverage the name of an "important" agency to make their plot look legitimate

Scammers have started sending out emails entitled “US Customs and Border Protection Service Department” in an attempt to trick recipients into thinking that they have received a package “all the way from Africa.”

“We write to inform you that your package with reference number 2661428 has been in Customs facility custody waiting for resolutions of the clearance to further the delivery to your delivery address by the delivery Agent who came all the way from Africa,” the scammy emails read.

“We have been waiting for you to contact us regarding your consignment box which the agent suppose to deliver to you which was on hold by USA Customs Department and they are requesting for clearance certificate which will be obtain from the origination of the consignment box before it will be released from the Customs to the delivery agent to complete the delivery.”

The scammers are attempting to convince victims to send back their personal details, including name, contact information, and passport or ID card number.

I’m unsure if this is an advance fee scam or something far worse, such as a cover up for a money laundering scheme. In any case, I advise you never to reply to such emails, even if they seem to come from the FBI or other “important” agency.

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