Scam Alert: Twitter Is Going to Start Charging

Users warned about bogus direct messages trying to lure them to malicious sites

Twitter is warning users that cybercriminals are sending out malicious direct messages (DMs) in an attempt to convince them to visit a malicious website.

“Do NOT click! —ANOTHER account-stealing hoax DM: "Twitter is going to start charging? see this article" is FAKE,” Twitter warns.

A number of similar scams have been seen over the past period, most of them being designed to take over Twitter accounts and trick customers into installing all sorts of malicious pieces of software.

This is not the first time when the “Twitter is going to charge” scam is making the rounds. Back in May, the social media site warned users of a similar spam campaign.

More recently, crooks have been relying on messages such as “Horrible rumor spreading about you” or a bogus “Twitter Video” Facebook app to lure users to their cleverly set up sites.

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