Scam Alert: Talking Angela Website Collects Data on Kids Without Permission

Bogus warning messages are making the rounds on Facebook

Facebook users are advised not to trust bogus posts which inform them that the “Talking Angela” app steals the personal details of children.

It’s always a good idea to make sure your children only use safe websites and applications, especially since the Web is flooded with all sorts of threats. However, there are some apps and some sites that work by the rules to ensure youths are not exposed to any risks.

The bogus messages, written all in uppercase letters, read:

“Warning for to all parents with children that have any electronic devices , ex : iPod, tablets etc. There is a site called Talking Angela, this site asks kids questions like : there names, where they go to school and also take pictures of their faces by pushing a heart on the bottom left corner without any notices.

Please check your children's iPods and all to make sure they do not have this app !!! Please pass this message on to your friends and family members that have kids !!!!”

Hoax Slayer and experts from security firm Sophos have analyzed Talking Angela and they haven’t been able to find any obvious privacy concerns.

“There is nothing even vaguely sinister or inappropriate about the way the app operates. In fact, Talking Angela even has a feature called ‘Child Mode’ designed to enhance the privacy of younger players,” Hoax Slayer’s Brett Christensen explained.

In addition, Christensen highlights the fact that the app’s developer clearly states in its privacy policy that they don’t knowingly collect any information from children under 13.

Moreover, Talking Angela is an app, not a website as the Facebook posts say.

While this particular app doesn’t appear to pose any risks, it’s important to carefully analyze all smartphone apps before installing them, not just the ones dedicated to children.

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