Scam Alert: Miley Cyrus Commits Suicide After Traumatic Stress

The former Disney star is alive and well, but scammers want you to think otherwise

Miley Cyrus might have changed a lot over the past period, but the former Disney star hasn’t committed suicide. That’s what scammers want you to believe in an effort to trick you into visiting some shady websites.

According to Hoax Slayer, scam posts that claim Miley Cyrus has committed suicide are currently doing the rounds on Facebook.

“BREAKING-NEWS - [R.I.P.] - MILEY CYRUS commits SUICIDE after traumatic stress - [Rest in Peace]- hollywooddailydose/exclusive (for 18 years and above). MILEY recorded a suicide video message for her fans. (watch more..),” the scam posts read.

The links from the posts analyzed by Hoax Slayer point to a removed page. However, the scammers will likely set up other websites, so users are advised to be cautious.

Most likely, the links lead to rogue Facebook applications or surveys that help the scammers earn money.

If you come across such messages on social media networks, be sure to check out their legitimacy before re-posting them.

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