Scam Alert: Gangnam Style Singer Psy Died

Cybercriminals are trying to distribute a malicious browser add-on

Cybercriminals are trying to trick Facebook users into installing a malicious browser plugin. To lure victims, the scammers are spreading posts according to which Psy, the Korean pop singer famous for the Gangnam Style song, has died. 

Experts from Bkav report that the malicious Facebook posts simply read “Psy - Gangnam Style DIED,” followed by a shortened link.

Psy is not dead, but the crooks are hoping they can fool users into believing that the story is real and get them to click on the link.

The link points to another shady website which informs internauts that “Facebook will be closed.”

In order to see the video in which Mark Zuckerberg announces the decision, users are instructed to download and install a browser add-on.

Once installed, the add-on starts spreading the bogus posts on the victims’ timelines.

In case you’re a victim of this scam, be sure to check your browser for any suspicious extensions and remove them immediately. Also, remove any content that the malicious component might have posted on your timeline.

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