Scam Alert: “Flappy Bird Download Free for iOS and Android”

Scammers are even offering a Windows Phone version of the game

Cybercriminals are distributing trojanized versions of the Flappy Bird Android application and scammers are trying to lure users to survey scams with the aid of websites promising free downloads for both iOS and Android.

Security experts from Malwarebytes have come across a website that appears to contain download links for both versions of the popular game. They even claim to offer a Flappy Bird clone for Windows Phone.

In reality, none of the links actually point to a download page. Instead, users are told to complete surveys in order to gain access to the content.

No matter how many surveys they complete, internauts don’t get Flappy Birds. The cybercrooks, on the other hand, make some money every time someone accesses their sites. In addition, victims can end up registering for premium mobile services.

Experts say the website in question has been disabled, but users should not let their guard down since scammers will probably set up new ones.

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