Scam Alert: Facebook “Unblock Government” Emails Point to Phishing Site

Cybrecriminials try to collect personal and financial information

Beware of emails that appear to come from Facebook bearing the subject “Unblock Government” (misspelled as goverment)! The fake notifications are designed to lure users to a phishing website.

“WARNING. YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WILL BE DISABLED. Someone has reported your account. Perhaps, you have uploaded an image that can be insulting or harmful to others. And chances are you writing content rough. To stop the warning, you must confirm your account Facebook,” the emails read.

The links don’t point to Facebook, but to a website where victims are instructed to hand over their usernames and passwords.

According to Hoax Slayer, some versions of the scheme ask for other information as well, including financial details.

The fake Facebook emails started circulating around July. However, judging by reports, they’re still landing in inboxes.

If you’re a victim of this scam, change your Facebook password immediately. If you’ve handed over financial information as well, keep a close eye on your bank account.

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