Scam Alert: Facebook Password Finder, Facebook Hacker Pro

ThreatTrack Security experts analyze a couple of bogus hack tools

By on September 9th, 2013 20:31 GMT

Security experts have come across a number of websites which advertise tools that can allegedly be used to hack Facebook accounts.

According to ThreatTrack Security’s Chris Boyd, the bogus hacker apps – called Facebook Password Finder and Facebook Hacker Pro – are advertised on websites such as findfacebookpasswords (dot)net,
downloadfacebookhack (dot)com and freefacebookhacking (dot)com.

In order to make everything more legitimate-looking, the sites display user testimonials that claim the apps have hacked passwords in seconds. The same “call us” number is shown on all of them.

Another interesting thing about these sites is the “About” page. This page displays the names, pictures and bio of the individuals that have allegedly developed the tools.

In reality, experts have found that the pictures were taken from the Web. The individuals shown in them have nothing to do with password cracking.

Apparently, any account can be hacked simply by entering the targeted user’s Facebook ID. However, victims are told that they must activate the hack tool in order to see the password.

The activation costs around $30 (€22). Of course, the tools don’t work. Those who activate them are simply handing over their money to the scammers.

Check out the gallery to see what the websites and fake Facebook hacking tools look like.

Fake Facebook hack tools (9 Images)

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