Scam Alert: Facebook Online International Lottery

Another Facebook lottery scam is making the rounds online

There’s another Facebook lottery scam currently making the rounds. Scammers are sending out bogus emails in an effort to trick Internet users into handing over personal information and money.

The scam emails spotted by Hoax Slayer carry the subject line “Facebook Online International Lottery” and they look something like this:

“Congratulations: We wish to inform you that you have been selected to receive the sum of 600.000.00 GBP in the on-going face book end of year promotional program. This Promotion is aimed at encouraging face book users worldwide.

Your face book account was listed among the 31 lucky winners who won 600.000.00 GBP (Six Hundred Thousand BRITISH POUNDS STERLING) each on the Face book group promotion Award. Your winning ticket number is F#B/13AU/2013

You are hereby advised to contact the face book claims department via email at (fb_eventmanager ) to file for your claims.”

Recipients are asked to respond and provide their name, contact information and other details.

The emails have nothing to do with Facebook. Those who reply to them are most likely asked to pay various fees that are allegedly needed to get the prize money.

Never respond to such emails. Some victims of these scams have lost tens of thousands of dollars and the money is rarely recovered because the scammers are located in countries where your local authorities can’t do much.

Also, they’re difficult to track down because they usually ask that the payments be made via Western Union or similar services.

You can easily tell apart scams from legitimate emails. Scam notifications are usually full of typos and grammar mistakes. Also, remember that you can’t win in a lottery or a contest you haven’t signed in for.

Notifications that ask you to hand over personal information or money are usually part of scams.

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