Scam Alert: Experts Warn About “Home Cash Profits” Online Jobs

The company's representatives are denying it, but all signs prove otherwise

There are many Internet users currently looking for online jobs. However, experts advise them to be extra careful if they’re thinking of applying for a job with Home Cash Profits, since many of their practices point to the fact that they're operating a scam.

Experts from Internet Business Inner Circle reveal that Home Cash Profits comes under various other names as well, including Home Income Profit System, Online Income Secrets, Black Belt Profit System and Home Income Cash System.

First of all, the job advertisements are spread via spam emails. Furthermore, the pages that promote the job offers are flooded with the logos of news sites such as CNN, ABC, MSNBC and Fox News.

This technique is deployed by many scammers to make everything more legitimate-looking. However, it’s unlikely that the aforementioned companies have anything to do with it.

The advertised jobs are with high-profile companies such as Apple, Amazon and HP. The position usually involves little work for large amounts of money, which is in most cases a clear sign that you’re dealing with a malicious scheme.

Furthermore, the pages on which users are asked to submit financial information appear to be protected by various security seals. In reality, the seals are not legitimate.

Remember, anyone can post a picture of the McAfee SECURE trustmark on their website. When clicked, legitimate seals provide more information regarding the site and they’re directly connected to the provider’s website.

Home Cash Profits representatives state that these shady websites are run by affiliates who are operating on their own. They claim they’re currently attempting to put an end to the aggressive advertising methods and penalize the culprits.

However, since the results of their attempts are not seen, users are advised to be extra cautious. Never hand over sensitive information, especially financial details.

In this particular case, most of the signs point to the fact that Home Cash Profits is a scheme, which is why job seekers are recommended to avoid it.

For more information on how to identify fake online jobs, you can check out this advisory.

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