Scam Alert: E-Store Glitch, Users Currently Getting Free iPads

Beware of online offers that sound too good to be true

Most of you have probably heard of glitches in the systems of online stores that allowed customers to buy products at low prices. Cybercriminals are relying on such stories to trick users into helping them make a profit.

GFI Labs experts have come across such a scheme. It all starts with a website that tries to replicate a Facebook page.

Entitled “E-Store Glitch - Users Currently Getting Free iPads,” the site attempts to convince visitors that they can get a free iPad if they click on a link.

Victims are taken to a classic “offer” website where they’re asked to provide all sorts of information, complete surveys and refer the site to their friends in order to win.

Of course, no one ever wins anything. The crooks, on the other hand, make a certain amount of money each time someone falls into their trap.

Furthermore, they end up with valuable phone numbers and email addresses which they can use for other spam campaigns.

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