Scam Alert: Disneyland Celebrates Whopping Profit by Giving Away Free Tickets

Beware of Facebook posts that lead to survey websites

Want free tickets to Disneyland? I don’t know where you can get some, but you’ll certainly not receive any if you like and share some shady post on Facebook.

Scammers are trying to trick users into visiting a survey website by promising them free Disneyland tickets.

The scammy posts read something like this: “Celebrating a whopping $5.6 Billion profit in 2012, Disneyland has decided to giveaway free tickets to facebook users!”

Users are requested to like and share the picture, add a comment to say how many tickets they want and visit the website.

According to Hoax Slayer, those who follow the steps and visit the website are asked to take part in a survey in which they have to provide personal details and even install suspicious pieces of software.

No one ever wins anything by participating in such surveys, except for the crooks that have various methods of monetizing their scheme.

If you’re a victim of this scam, be sure to remove all the posts you’ve published on your Facebook timeline and uninstall all the applications you’ve installed.

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